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Need to Know: What to Expect During Your Visit

Ember the bobcat laying on his platform with Tango the fox resting his head on Ember's back
Two of our residents, Ember and Tango

You reserved your tickets, you read our blog about preparing for your visit, you arrived on time, now what? You and your group will experience a fun and educational tour given by one of our knowledgeable and experienced tour guides! You will leave Tiger Creek with many fun facts to share and know what YOU can do to help conservation efforts! Continue reading below to find out what you need to know about your tour at Tiger Creek once you arrive.

  • Conservation Box: Your guided tour will begin with our Conservation Box. Your tour guide will show you multiple items from different species that were acquired in unethical and immoral ways. You will learn about why the animals were taken, and find out what you can do to prevent future wildlife injustices. All items shown during this portion of the tour were confiscated by Texas Parks and Wildlife and are on loan to Tiger Creek to help educate our guests about endangered native and exotic animals, the importance of ethical sourcing, and to further our conservation message.

  • Walking Tour: Your guided tour will begin at our Visitors Center and goes through every animal in the sanctuary! From primates to goats to big cats, you will hear each individual animal's story of how they found Tiger Creek to be their forever home.

  • Ambassadors: After your guided tour, you will meet and learn about our animal ambassadors! Our animal ambassadors are trained to be confident in interactions with tour groups and teach you all about commonly owned animals and what they truly need to thrive. From reptiles to rodents, we can guarantee you'll learn something new.

Want to enjoy lunch or snacks during your visit? We offer a shaded and grassy picnic area with tables for your use once your guided tour is completed. Please bring all utensils, drinks, and food items, as we do not offer concessions for purchase at the Sanctuary.

Stay tuned for our post regarding what to do AFTER your visit to Tiger Creek!

Cleo the serval looking off camera on a tan background
Cleo the Serval


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