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The Big Cat Internship involves Animal Care Apprentice and Public Education

Download the Big Cat Internship Application

This is a 90-day unpaid position (by 4 quarters/terms) allowing one to gain experience in the zoological field. Job duties include cleaning, diet preparation, light maintenance, educational tours, etc. Interns are responsible for the daily care of a number of exotic feline species including, but not limited to: tigers, lions, leopards, pumas and bobcats. This wide variety of training provides the intern with an exciting array of new skills and experiences. Training is provided by the staff.

General Requirements

  • You must be at least 20 years of age
  • You must have 2 years of college study in a related field (Biology, Zoology, Wildlife Management, Ecology, etc.) or at least 1 year of job experience in a related field (vet clinic, zoo, etc) or 3-years of verifiable job experience in an unrelated field
  • You must maintain or have maintained at least an overall average of 3.0.
  • Some animal care experience preferred
  • You must be capable of lifting up to 60 lbs and in good health
  • You must be drug free
  • We are looking for individuals who are hardworking, dedicated and self motivated

When Are These Internships Offered?
There are four internships offered during the year:

  • Winter Term: November  - February  (Application Deadline August 1st each year)
  • Spring Term: February  - May  (Application Deadline November 1st each year)
  • Summer Term: May  - August  (Application Deadline February 1st each year)
  • Fall Term: August  - November  (Application Deadline May 1st each year)
  • You should hear about the status of your application within 3-4 weeks after the deadline.
  • Applications are accepted year-round for all terms. Preference will be given to those received by the application deadlines; however, applications received after the deadline may still be considered if the positions have not yet been filled.

Detailed Description of Intern Duties

  • The interns will be working full-time Monday through Saturday, with light duties on Sunday
  • All interns will undergo training on safety procedures, crisis management, Class 1 Animal Care, behavioral target training
  • Animal Care: Interns will be involved in the daily care of the animals upon completing training including: food preparation, feeding techniques, cleaning, light maintenance of the enclosures, and grounds, etc.
  • All interns will undergo training on safety procedures, crisis management, Class 1 Animal Care, and behavioral target training

What Does Tiger Creek Provide?

  • Housing (house is fully furnished, bedding and towels provided)
  • TV, DVD, Satellite System
  • Uniform shirt
  • Materials, Curriculum and Training
  • Intern Vehicle (If you did not bring your own car)

What Do I As An Intern Provide?

  • Travel arrangements to and from Tiger Creek (If flying, you will enter at Tyler Airport and we will pick you up)
  • Your own meals
  • Hiking/work boots, work pants
  • Spending money
  • Work clothes for ~1 week (it takes about a week for your uniforms to come in)
  • During winter months (Nov-March), you will need gloves and a coat or long sleeves to layer under your uniform
  • Rain gear

To Apply For The Internship You Must Provide:

  • Application
  • Cover letter, including an explanation of your previous experience, why you want to intern here at Tiger Creek, and what your career goals are for the future
  • Resume
  • Recent Photo
  • Proof of a current tetanus shot (within 3 years)

Download the Big Cat Internship Application

Important Notice:

  • This program does not include DIRECT CONTACT with big cats!
  • DIRECT Contact is defined as: any physical contact with any animal, including cage contacts (reaching of limbs through gate openings, chain link), etc.
  • These animals are not pets and if that is what you are looking for then you should consider an internship somewhere else.
  • Only the Park Management is authorized to allow any direct or indirect contact and that requires either DIRECT SUPERVISION and/or TRAINING.
  • DIRECT SUPERVISION is defined as: "in person" or as in a "physical presence of a manager." This means that a manager must PHYSICALLY be in YOUR presence and/or authorize the occurrence.
  • ANY and ALL VIOLATIONS involving direct PHYSICAL contact with the big cats is subject to immediate dismissal from the property under escort by local law enforcement, security, or management!
  • Due to insurance reasons and the welfare of the big cats there are NO exceptions to this policy!
  • Safety of the animals and the staff must always come first over personal needs or wants.

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