welcome to tiger creek wildlife refuge

Saving Tigers one by one Since 1995...

Welcome to Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, a 150 acre preserve dedicated to over 40 rescued big cats. Come meet these majestic animals, learn about the feline species known as Panthera Tigris and find out how you can help to ensure their future in the United States and worldwide.

We started Tiger Creek for a very specific purpose: "To provide rescue and rehabilitation of big cats that have been abused, neglected or displaced."

It continues to be our guiding mission, as we expand, we are working to establish large natural settings for the big cats and better amenties for the guest.

We are also working in an outreach program for the tigers in the wild, as well as genetic research, and we have a strong educational program that includes internship opportunities and sensory tours for children with special needs.

We opened Tiger Creek to the public for the purpose of promoting stewardship through educational opportunities for people of all ages. With a mission like ours, we sometimes feel overwhelmed but thanks to financial supporters like you, together, we are all Saving Tigers One By One...

We're glad that you're here, so—have a good time and please don't forget to stop in for a personal visit and watch as your investment continues to grow.